Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fun Ornaments = Cheap Gifts!!!

I think the original link for these ornaments is HERE. I know that sounds weird to say I think but I just saw them in passing on Facebook. A friend had liked a link and I thought I saved it but hadn't so when going back to find it today I am pretty sure I have linked up the right one. Either way the directions and steps listed below are what we did today and they worked. 

Clear Ornaments
Spray Adhesive
Nonpareils (the little circle sprinkles as we call them)
Ribbon (optional)

I sprayed the inside of the ornaments and swirled it around to move the adhesive then I poured some sprinkles in and rolled/swirled them around. I had to sit them down and let them dry for a bit and then came back to spray a little more and add more sprinkles to fill in the gaps. We did three and with each one our technique got better. 

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