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5 Years of a BOY'S Birthday Parties

Submitted by Ann Kelly

Well I love to cook, entertain, and craft and sometimes with only boys in the house I feel like some of that creativeness does not get to come out. So Today I thought I would share how we have enjoyed our Red Head Wonder's birthdays. I LOVE PARTIES!!!
We always have a little party waiting on the the morning of his actually birthday day.
First Birthday
For our cowboy's first birthday we had a farm party, with Goodie bags that were straw hats, with bandannas and toy tractors in them to take home.
With this CAKE an obsession for birthday cakes were born. I had ordered a cake from a lady that was recommended to me. Luckily my husband went to pick up the cake the day before the party  because when I saw it I CRIED. It was SO bad and to the trash it went, I did not even get a picture of it. The grocery store in our town was able to at least make a cake that fit the theme. BUT after that I put the cake at the TOP of my party list.
We also started the tradition  of giving our little guy a real tool for each birthday and Christmas. We know he can't use them right now, but as he learns from my husband he will have good quality tools of his own, I know to all us Mommies this is not as exciting as adding a charm to a bracelet every year or adding a piece of china to a daughter's collection but when you only have boys tools begin to become a little more exciting.
Second Birthday!
For birthday number 2 we did all things to do with balls. The cake was a baseball and cupcakes were footballs and basketballs. I LOVED this cake and cupcakes and they were really easy to make too with the right molds.
We had ball pits, and blow up goals to play with and goodie bags were orange cones with different balls inside to play with.
And since I LOVE to cook we had fruit kabobs, Chicken Salad Sandwiches, fruit and veggies with dip and I don't remember what else.
Third Birthday
For our guy's 3rd birthday we had another farm party. He was in love with all animals and his Daddy was building him a big play barn in the back yard so the theme was a farm/barn party.
We had lots of barns, animals, and tractors to play with along with craft stations to keep the kiddos busy.

This year the kiddos took their goodies home in a "feed" bucket with bird seed and plenty of room for their crafts and bird feeders we made during the party.
Forth Birthday
For our son's 4th birthday we knew that more than likely we would be moving before the next birthday so we told him he could invite everyone. He also went Gluten Free right after his 3rd birthday so we made all things GLUTEN FREE for this party. We had all of our Red Head Wonder's favorite snacks, fruit, veggies, chips, Chocolate Popcorn, Chocolate Covered Marshmallows, etc. I did not make this cake but trusted the lady that made it and it turned out GREAT.
Can't you tell he is excited.
And we made some troublesome trucks for food since he saw them on a website and HAD to have some.
Again we had lots for the kiddos to do. 3 Train tables, a movie playing, color books all ready to go. Goodie bags were cloth Thomas bags with a conductor's hat, room for their coloring books, stickers, etc.
Fifth Birthday
This past year we had JUST moved come birthday time. While we did not have many friends to invite I still wanted to enjoy getting ready for this party like we had in the past. This year the theme was Carnival. SO we had bunnies to pet, lots of games and LOTS of prizes. So as the kids arrived we gave them an empty bag to put all their prizes in.
We also did not do much food this year but my son REALLY wanted these Popcorn Cupcakes we did Dump Rainbow Cupcakes then icing with a white icing.Then I put in the cup cake wraps on that I ordered from Etsy. With the cupcakes we just had popcorn, and juice.
So Mama's of just boys can enjoy crafting and cooking too..... at least for a little while.
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  1. What a great idea to give your boy a tool at each birthday! I know when we got married, my husband really didn't have any tools. He's had to collect them over the years and the first few years he got several as gifts (a little bit to his disappointment because he would have rather had something more "fun.")

    The cakes are adorable! For me, they are the most important part of party for my 7 year old too. Fortunately I have a good friend who will make him the most amazing cake he can ask for, including a cake that shows the final battle between Obi Wan and Anikan on Mustafar (the red lava planet in Star Wars).

    I'd like to do a carnival theme for my son's birthday, but I think he's grown out of that stage. It's fun to plan for whatever he's come up with, though.

  2. What awesome parties! I see you like to go all out too ;) We just had a Dr. Suess party for our newly 1 year old. So much fun throwing parties! I love you Thomas themed one, how fun!

    I'm stopping by from Kelly's Korner. Here's my blog post on our boys. Hope you can stop by!

  3. LOVE your add-a-tool idea! Isn't planning parties so fun?! Your son is precious :)

  4. Great blog! You have so many amazing recipes I can't wait to try! Thanks for stopping by my blog today and commenting on the kids masks! I have another post full of ideas to keep kiddos entertained that you might enjoy

    I'll be visiting often!


  5. What amazing cakes you make! You have a true gift!

    Stopping from Kelly's Korner. I am boy mom too.

  6. Thanks for the kind words. These are the things memories are made of. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello

  7. The parities look so cute!! I absolutely love the idea of giving your son a tool for gifts, something that will really be appreciated when he gets older for sure!!

  8. What incredible birthdays! Lucky lad :-) I really like the barn cake, and the Thomas the Tank Engine. Thanks for sharing at Happy lil ❤'s are baking x


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